12 Signs of a Break Up – Is Your Boyfriend Going to Break Up With You?

12 Signs of a Break Up – Is Your Boyfriend Going to Break Up With You?

If you’re feeling insecure or anxious about your relationship, it might be because your intuition is telling you that something is wrong. And although you would probably like to dismiss your worries as petty and trivial, they may be more significant than you want to acknowledge. Could they be the first signs of a break up?

Many women have a powerful intuition, and find themselves regretting when they don’t listen to it. If you are not normally insecure and needy, then it’s possible there are good reasons for your uneasiness. Relationship problems don’t always blow up suddenly in a big fight; they can creep up subtly so that things have already started to go wrong before you ever notice them. So if you think you see signs of a break up, then perhaps you should start looking at how your boyfriend is behaving.

What Are the Signs of a Break Up?

Men’s true feelings and intentions can always be read more accurately through their actions than their words. So think about how he is behaving towards you, and see whether he is starting to do things that you should be worried about. These are all typical signs of a break up in the offing.

1.   He is calling you less often than he used. Even on days when you don’t see each other, a loving boyfriend will want to talk to you to exchange news and just reassure himself that you are OK. Whatever the normal frequency of his calls, if they are becoming noticeably fewer then either he has a problem, or he is withdrawing from the relationship.

2.   He takes longer than before to respond to YOUR calls and emails. If he’s constantly ‘too busy’ to get back to you when you call, or he takes much longer than before to respond to your texts and emails, then it isn’t because he ‘didn’t see’ them. They just aren’t as important to him as they were.

3.   You have fewer dates and hang out together less than you used. If there is no obvious reason for this, such as heavy work commitments, family or personal problems, or illness; then spending time with you is not the priority for him that it was.

4.   He’s no longer making plans for the future. You used to talk about holidays and things you would do together in the next few months. But now he’s cagey about committing to plans for next weekend. If he’s started to say “We’ll see” or “I’m not sure what I’m doing”; then he’s no longer thinking of you in the long term. Along with all the other signs above, it shows that his emotional investment in your relationship is waning.

5.   The PDAs and desire for sex has decreased. We all know how much men like sex, and for them it is central to a great relationship. If his interest in it is becoming lukewarm, and his attitude to you is less warm and affectionate; then you must start to wonder about the direction his sexual fantasies is taking. He’s a man. The chances are that, if his eye is no longer on you, it’s on somebody. Women withdraw physically to assert their power in a relationship, but a man doesn’t usually refuse sex unless he is losing interest in a woman altogether. This could be because he has found somebody else.

6.   He shows interest in other women. Combined with a decline in his desire for sex with you, this is a sure sign that he is looking at moving on. Being in a relationship doesn’t stop men noticing other women, but if his interest is more than fleeting, or he openly checks out other women when he is with you; then not only is his interest waning, but he is also treating you with a disrespect that you shouldn’t be willing to tolerate.

7.   He appreciates and compliments you less. Men find giving more natural than receiving, and his compliments are gifts that show how much he appreciates you. If he’s not bothering to tell you how much he loves and values you any more, then he’s less bothered than he was about making you happy. And that is one of the strongest signs of apathy and disinterest he can give.

8.   The fights are becoming more frequent – and he cares less about making up. Most men dislike rows as they hate any kind of emotional drama and prefer a quiet life. When something is wrong, he will want to solve it as quickly as possible and get back to normal. If he is no longer bothering to try to make things up, then he is losing interest in the relationship.

9.  He makes big changes to his normal routine. You used to see each other several times a week and spend the weekends together. But now he’s always working late or hanging out with the guys at weekends. When he wants to spend his free time with anyone BUT you, it’s a sure sign of trouble ahead.

10.  He forgets anniversaries or special occasions. Most men are not as careless and forgetful as they sometimes like to make out. If he keeps forgetting important appointments or anniversaries like your birthday, although he always remembered in the past, then he is becoming indifferent to your feelings and your happiness.

11.   He doesn’t react when you don’t call him for several days. Although you shouldn’t do this just to play games, this is a useful test if you feel you boyfriend is genuinely starting to slip away. If you don’t call him, he should call you to find why YOU haven’t called, or if something is wrong. If he doesn’t bother, then obviously he’s more interested in whatever else he’s doing.

12.   Things just don’t feel the same when you ARE together. If you no longer feel excited and filled with anticipation when you DO see him, then the chemistry between you has gone, or at least has greatly diminished. This could be the main reason why your boyfriend is losing interest in your relationship, as most men don’t see much point in having a girlfriend with whom there’s no sexual tension or chemistry.

How did your boyfriend – and your relationship – measure up?

Take These Signs of a Break Up as an Alert for Your Relationship

Just because one or more of these signs of a break up is present, it doesn’t mean that inevitably it’s going to happen. Take it as a warning sign that you are drifting into dangerous waters, and use your knowledge to turn things around and spice up the attraction and chemistry between you.

Don’t think that all is lost and lose faith in yourself. Noticing these signs in time gives you a chance to do something about your problems before it’s too late.

He chose you, so you already know he is attracted to you. Use the confidence that should give you to remind him why he chose you, and how you are still the only woman in the world for him.

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